augmented reality

Andrey L. Gorbunov, PhD., MSTUCA | a.gorbunov(at)

Nowadays the training of the airport security staff is realized outside of real environment. This is the reasonable approach since there is no way to train the security staff in todayТs big airports without the risk of alert situations. But the training procedures of this kind can not be high effective.
The progress of the augmented reality (AR) technology allows to avoid the mentioned drawback. This technology combines the real world and virtual objects created by a computer. A trainee is in the examination zone and sees both real and virtual passengers by means of augmented reality equipment. One of the virtual passengers tries to bring prohibited items. The task for trainee is to discover such a passenger. 40 virtual personages with the mimicry control are available: 20 women + 20 men


The video to the right to the right illustrates the possibility to combine the real and virtual characters in one 3D stereo scene. In this demo low quality 3D model without adaptation to the light environment has been used.

Novelty and advantages

FULLY REALISTIC ENVIRONMENT Ц any training situations can be safely created in the real airport.

MOBILITY - quick ( < 0.5 h) deployment.

PRIORITY Ц the first system of such type

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