This augmented reality (AR) site works for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers with Windows OS.

To view 3D illustrations of aviation units you need to show the webcam of your computer a special graphic symbol - AR marker. Each unit corresponds to its marker. You can print out the marker selecting a unit from the menu to the right or use a special reference.

Before viewing please check:
1) be sure to have a well lit environment;
2) turn on your webcam (if it is not built-in);
3) turn off any pop-up blockers.

Click "VIEW" below and follow instructions. Hold your printed marker so it faces your computer's webcam and avoid excessive reflections on its surface. To view other sides of the 3D model rotate the marker slowly.
Airbus A-320
Electric pump 51154-03
Runway Turn-Off light-1
Refuel Valve 1158000-21-1
Parking Brake control valve
Runway Turn-Off light-2
Valve-pressure reducing
Valve Assy
Refuel Valve 1158000-21-2

Suhoi SuperJet
RRJ-95B Wing